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the truth is out there.

the most important thing I have ever reblogged 

omfg i’m still laughing 



Willam & his husband Bruce :’)

I hope whoever saw an age diff and automatically thought it was something it wasnt will read this. He was dirt poor, fresh out of rehab and i was paying the rent (in the Valley- that’s where Cher got mugged in Clueless for those non-Angelenos) for the first year so DO NOT be saying he was ever a sugar daddy or i was with him for money. 

I was with him for the DICK. Biggest piece i’d ever seen on a white guy.


p.s. i love him too so lay off.

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just watch

this is all I care about

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y’all realize these are relatively basic activities right. y’all are flipping shit because this person said “i want to have sex with you, but i also want to do other normal activities besides sex”. u do realize that is a very regular occurrence right. that u can have sexual feelings for someone and also want to spend time with them. this concept seems new to y’all. 

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